Eminence labs steroids

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Hi taps I also started aloe Vera and amla juice as per given instructions… I take 20 ml amla juice and 20 ml aloe Vera juice with water in the morning and evening both the time… but few days I felt very fresh… but now i am noticing that from 5 to 6 days I feel pain in my knees as well as my bp was also coming 137/87 this I checked it on 26th of aug before two days I felt dizziness as well and also some time( in the morning) I feel that my plus become fast and I have to go to washroom than motion comes like loose motion but it happing from 3 days and go to washroom twice a day I am not saying that have loose motion but it seems like….so pls suggest how much quantity I have to take for both the juices…

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Eminence labs steroids

eminence labs steroids


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