Steroid shots in elbow

In an ironic twist, the thing that causes tennis elbow (tennis) – can also help in the recovery process. Just hold a regular tennis ball held in your palm – and squeeze it as hard as you can. Initially, you will find this to be difficult – since your hand will have very little strength. As you do this more and more – you will find your grip getting stronger. This is the simplest and one of the more effective exercises that I did. I carried that ball everywhere (I didn’t care if other lunch folks saw me squeezing a tennis ball while waiting for my food..). Again – like the rest of the exercises – there is no limit to how often you do this. As much as possible!

A number of studies have shown that steroid injections may be helpful in easing pain in the short term but that pain tends to come back in many people. In one study, short-term (six weeks) success rates were greater for steroid injections than for physiotherapy or a wait-and-see policy. However, in the long term (one year), success rates were greater for both physiotherapy and a wait-and-see policy than for injections. The short-term benefit may be sufficient to warrant an injection, for example, for a student about to sit important examinations.

I had three injections all of which worked for a few days to two weeks then stopped. The excruciating pain returned and only Vicoden 5 mg 3-4 times a day controlled the pain. Vicoden at that dose is the lowest dose prescribed. it worked perfectly for several years and doctors refused to prescribed opioids for fear of losing their license. My sister recently died of throat cancer and she complained constantly of pain. She died with unrelieved pain. As a cancer patient she was prescribed Morphine 2 mg. every 6 hours. That is beyond ridiculous but keeps our doctor’s license safe. Our doctors are violating their Hippocratic oath – Do No Harm. They had added a caveat “except when the government is breathing down your neck. Then the patient be damned. I am glad this helped you Randy. I don’t know your clinical status but I am sure it differs from mine. Do you have severe and crippling arthritis?

Steroid shots in elbow

steroid shots in elbow


steroid shots in elbowsteroid shots in elbowsteroid shots in elbowsteroid shots in elbowsteroid shots in elbow